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The costs incurred in setting up and maintaining a blast cleaning or shot peening facility has led many manufacturers to search for a more cost effective alternative.

Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd provides this alternative by offering a broad range of abrasive blasting and shot peening services to manufacturers wishing to outsource their requirements, thus enabling them to devote more time and resources to their core business activities.

Further advantages obtained by outsourcing to Blast and Peen Services include; elimination of inconsistent product finishing, elimination of quality issues, elimination of operator training and adaptation to new processes, research and development costs, and reduction of equipment procurement and maintenance costs.

Due to a high degree of automation and equipment flexibility, Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd is able to sustain lower operating costs. These cost reductions are passed onto the client, resulting in the highest degree of service and quality at the lowest cost.

Blast and Peen Services is committed to providing services that will meet or exceed clients' expectations of quality, price competiveness and timely delivery.

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